Howard Stern Recommends Farrell

Farrell Hair Replacement

Howard Stern …On… Farrell Hair

Howard Stern, the master of wit and biting criticism was forced to think twice about hair systems when he encountered the artistry and craftsmanship of Richard Farrell and Farrell Hair Replacement. He was impressed. You will be, too!

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“Everyone knows that I’ve made fun of hairpieces in the past but I stand corrected. I didn’t know a hairpiece could actually look better then your real hair. I didn’t know about Richard Farrell. Richard Farrell Hair Replacement in West Hollywood is the place to go. Richard and his staff specialize in creating the most undetectable hair line.”

“Now there are two types of hair replacement companies; there are those national discount clubs who mass produce. And then there’s Farrell Hair Replacement.”

“Richard and his staff will do whatever it takes to create the absolute best hairpiece available on the planet.”

“This is high end, ultra-custom hair replacement with the very best techniques available. With Farrell Hair Replacement you can get intimate with complete confidence, get your hair wet, comb it straight back and it looks as if the hair is growing right out of your scalp.”

“I wish you could see these pictures. These hairpieces are incredible! This is for men and women. Now write this number down. Check it out for yourself. I’m telling you, you won’t be sorry. (877) 787-4247. Get all your hair back now. That’s Farrell Hair Replacement.”