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Juan is a Spanish male in his mid 30’s. He has been loosing his hair since he was in his 20’s and like most young men in their early 20’s and 30’s Juan had just accepted his hair loss, thinking there was nothing he could do about stopping it.

That’s when Juan went to Farrell Hair Replacement, thinking that his hair would be too hard to match because of the density and deep shades of brown that his natural hair had, Juan was surprised to find that he even looked better with a hair system than he did when he had all of his hair. Today Juan wears his system to work everyday and it’s become such a normal part of his life that he forgets he’s even wearing it.

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Watch the videos and become a believer!
At Farrell Hair Replacement, you can expect to receive close to perfect duplication of the hair you used to grow naturally. Watch our client testimonial video and see for yourself! And when you visit us at one of our worldwide locations, we will prove to you in person that our hair systems are totally undetectable! But before you come in, study our website and view Richard Farrell’s performances at Live Cut-Ins, TV Appearances and Makeover Shows. All of these projects offer further proof that Farrell Hair Replacement is the Best in the World.

No other hair replacement companies have any of these events on their websites simply because they can not produce the quality and undetectability that Farrell produces on a daily basis. Other hair replacement companies only give you false hopes and promises. Farrell Hair Replacement is the only ultra custom hair replacement company in the world.

Give up the search… Nothing else works!
Everybody knows that surgical transplants, laser gizmo’s, pills and topical solutions won’t give you all of your hair back. Non surgical hair systems are the only answer to advanced hair loss situations. And no other hair systems compare to Farrell hair systems.

Let’s get together!
Consultations are free, but are by appointment only. We will help you reach your esthetic goals and your hair loss situation will be remedied. Then you can enjoy the benefits of having all of your hair back. You will once again be able to style your hair in any manner. Swim, Shower and sky dive. Do any activity in confidence. Feel sexy again!

No one can compete with Farrell… See for yourself!