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January 24
Richard Farrell Design Tour - Toronto, CanadaYou have probably discovered by now as you have searched for solutions to your hair loss situation that surgical transplants will not give you back a full head of hair. Pills, topical solutions and laser gizmo’s just don’t work. Only a non surgical hair system can restore your hair to its original appearance.

Check out our video infomercial, the client testimonials; watch the TV makeover shows and the live cut-ins. No other company can match the quality and undetectability of Farrell Hair Replacement hair systems. There is much to explore on our website. Even though there are many companies in Los Angeles who are in the same business as we are, we have no competition. Farrell is not only the only Ultra Custom hair replacement company in Toronto, Canada. And we are the only Ultra Custom hair replacement company in the world.

We will reach your esthetic goals
Consultations in Toronto are by appointment only. We can help you reach your esthetic goals. You will be thrilled at having all of your back and you will look incredible. You will enjoy the benefits of a full head of hair. Once again you will be able to style your hair in any manner, swim, take a shower, ski dive or do any activity in confidence. You might even feel sexy again!

We are all alone!
Farrell Hair Replacement simply has no competitors. Farrell is the only Ultra Custom Hair Replacement Company in Toronto and Farrell is the only Ultra Custom Hair Replacement Company in the world. That is because Farrell makes each hand made hair system from scratch and we control the entire production process. Richard Farrell is “hands on” and watches over the production of each hair system. Our proprietary techniques re-create your hair line, cowlicks, hair texture, growth patterns, density and gravity splits. We simply duplicate what nature gave you and give it all back to you again.

Nothing else works
For many years now, hair loss sufferers waste their time and hard earned money on trying surgical transplants, laser gizmo’s, pills and topical solutions. They simply will not give you your hair back. Non surgical hair systems are the only answer to advanced hair loss situations.

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