Kuwait Design Team

Farrell Hair Replacement Kuwait City, Kuwait

Hair Salon Design Team

Fritz Gotting Co-Owner of Farrell Kuwait City, began his career in Canada in early 2003 as a professional makeover artist. Having worked with some of the leading brands in the fashion industry such as Clarins Paris, Yves Saint Laurent Paris, Chanel and Guerlain Paris, Fritz has built a reputation on his professionalism and expertise. Fritz a people person is also well know for his excellence in customer service relations, and worked as a sales quality care representative for Swarowski, Canada.

Having become an expert as a makeover artist, Fritz transitioned to the Hair Replacement industry, first in Canada and now as the co-owner of Farrell Kuwait City. With his expert knowledge of hair loss situations and having “seen it all” when it comes to hair replacement solutions, Fritz has developed his knowledge of the different phases of hair loss, as well as the many reasons why a person may loose their hair. “My search for the ultimate solution” was complete when I found Richard Farrell and his Farrell Hair Replacement Systems. As the leading pioneer in the Hair Replacement industry “Its truly a great opportunity to work with the best hair replacement systems (and company) in the world”.

Fritz is quoted…

“It quenches my quest to deliver the best to my clients, and knowing that I have met not only their base expectations, but have far surpassed what my clients at Farrell Kuwait City could have otherwise expected from a hair replacement system.”

Only Farrell Hair Systems can solve ALL types of hair loss situations and being that Farrell systems are “ultra custom” in their design and manufacture, its suitable for anybody and everybody.

Now that he owns and runs the Farrell – Kuwait City Centre Fritz is putting forth all of his efforts into transforming his clients to acheiving the best look using his vast experience and of course, Farrell Hair Replacement Systems to solve all of his clients hair loss situations. Fritz is now spreading Farrell Technology across the rest of the booming economy and the fashion industry in the Middle East with the first centre in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Farrell – Kuwait City Centre
“it’s all about giving you the best!”

You can contact Fritz Gotting at 00971-4-3964290 or 00971-50-2724762
And don’t forget to visit us online at: www.FarrellHair.ae

Jovito Valdez began his Hairstyling career in the early 1990’s in the Philippines. Working as a Hair Stylists for 14 years in Manila Jovito decided to take his craft to the Middle East landeding in Kuwait City in 2003.

Jovito has vast expertise with such famous brands as; Sebastian, Wella, L’Oreal, Tony & Guy, Matriz and Indola. With International exposure, hair stylist Jovito has served such prestigious roles as; the sole hair stylist for the 1994 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant held in Manila.

Jovito, an expert at any hair style one can conjure up, offers every hair style from the casual modern style of hair to the funky style, even the funky and trendy ‘Updo’. Jovito has mastered International hairstyles that will suit the taste of every client who is looking for the most current fashion trends in hair style.

Over the years, Jovito has had his share of exposure to the many different types of products and fads offered in the hair loss industry. Jovito, always having a passion to work with the best in the hair replacement industry say’s that “joining the Farrell – Kuwait City team as the Head Hairstylist was the perfect culmination of everything I have done in the hair industry”. Having been trained by Richard Farrell himself, Jovito has finely tuned his skills in working with hair systems, and Farrell Hair Replacement systems in particular. Jovito is also an expert with hair and hair styles on people of all races, cultures and origins.