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Farrell London, United Kingdom - Design Session ToursFarrell Hair Replacement is pleased to announce dates for the Farrell London, United Kingdom Personal Design Session Tour.

Farrell Hair Replacement will bringing the comfort and expertise of our “Ultra-Custom” hair replacement salons to the United Kingdom cities listed below:

UK Tour Cities UK Tour Dates
London Meet Richard Farrell
March 3 – 5

Richard Farrell's Design TourMeet Richard in London, UK
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Meet Richard Farrell
March 3 – 5

Thousands of individuals have become Farrell Hair Replacement clients. Now it’s your turn! Don’t miss this incredible and unique opportunity to have your hair system designed by London Design Consultant Andrew Pollard!

Remember that from the outset, Farrell insists that you learn to distinguish “ultra-custom” hair replacement from regular “custom” hair replacement. The difference between what the factory-reliant companies offer and what Farrell Hair Replacement offers can be summed up in a word: “Art.”

Ultra-custom hair systems are composed of many combinations of critical elements. When these elements are attended to perfectly, the result is a perfectly natural hair system that is undetectable to both sight and touch. An ultra-custom hair systems allows you to comb your hair straight back from your forehead and expose your front hairline.

These critical elements are determined during the Hair System Design Process. The Farrell design consultant will use his hair system-building expertise to design the best possible hair systems specifically for you. He will discuss with you your specific needs and aesthetic goals and your life style. He will examine photos of your hair before you experienced hair loss so that he can restore your own natural look. You will be able to ask him questions and discuss your concerns.

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