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Richard Farrell Design Tour - TurkeyFarrell has finally opened a salon in Turkey…

The Farrell Hair Salon in Turkey is located in a historical Turkish mansion built over 100 years ago in the Turkish city of Eskisehir. Farrell Hair Replacement Turkey is owned and operated by Mustafa Aksoy and his staff, be sure to watch for more locations in Turkey coming soon!

Farrell… Expanding without advertising
We could be like other companies and bombard you with advertisements on the radio, TV and billboards but we prefer to expand by not advertising. We expand by proving the quality of our hair systems by Richard’s crowd pleasing performances at media events around the world. No other company has the talent or quality hair systems that are capable of amazing audiences like Farrell Hair Replacement does regularly or they would do so. Farrell ultra custom hair systems are the only acceptable way to end hair loss situations.

Call Central Booking Schedule an appointment to meet with us in Turkey by calling Central Booking at 1-877-787-4247. Farrell truly is your only choice. It just makes sense to “Do Farrell or Do Nothing!”.

Let’s get together!
Consultations at our Turkey location are by appointment only. We will help you reach your esthetic goals and your hair loss situation will be remedied. Then you can enjoy the benefits of having all of your hair back. You will once again be able to style your hair in any manner. Swim, Shower and sky dive. Do any activity in confidence. Feel sexy again!

No one can compete with Farrell
Richard Farrell started Farrell Hair Replacement in West Hollywood which is the film industry meca so we have always catered to numerous entertainment personalities who only settle for the best. Farrell Hair Replacement is recognized as being unsurpassed in both undetectability and quality. Richard Farrell is the innovator of lace hair systems and introduced them to the hair replacement industry at the American Hair Loss Council in San Francisco. Since then, Farrell has brought movie industry hair replacement technology to all of California and to the rest of the world. You deserve the same quality of hair replacement as a rock star.

Farrell has no competitors
Even though there are many other companies in the same business as Farrell Hair Replacement, we have no competitors. Farrell is the only Ultra Custom Hair Replacement Company in Turkey and Farrell is the only Ultra Custom Hair Replacement Company in the world. Every one of our hair systems are hand made from scratch by Farrell artisans. And Richard Farrell personally supervises the making of each hair system to assure their perfect results. We recreate your hair line, cowlicks, hair texture, growth patterns, density and gravity splits by using our proprietary techniques and materials. We give you all your back by simply duplicating the way nature grows hair.

Richard Farrell Contact FormYou can get Farrell Hair Systems Almost Everywhere Since Farrell is a World-Wide Company!

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