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Richard Farrell - Personal Design Session TourAward winning Hair Replacement innovator, Richard Farrell, is the most sought after expert in the international hair replacement arena. His professional expertise combined with his ingenious techniques and charismatic personality has created an increasing demand for his advice, appearances on televised talk shows, at hair shows, conventions, workshops, seminars and movie sets.

His innovations in the hair replacement industry reach far beyond the technologies of his undetectable hair systems. Richard pioneered the Farrell Personal Design Session Tour, bringing the comfort and expertise of his salons to every major city in America; the first of its kind in this industry. He also organized the Farrell Challenge, the first hair replacement industry trade show of its kind, with all profits going to charity.

Laura Farrell - Personal Design Session TourLaura Farrell has accompanied Richard on the Personal Design Session Tours for several years and has worked side by side with Richard in their salons. Together they have solved the hair loss situations of thousands of hair loss sufferers. Laura was instrumental in setting up the Farrell Production Facility in Mexico and she now oversees most production matters.

Laura’s proximity to each hair system as it moves through the production process has made Laura an expert on each element of ultra-custom hair system production and design. As a result, Laura Farrell is a meticulous and caring hair system designer whose consultation services are much in demand on the Personal Design Session Tours as well as in the salons.

Lourdes Borovsky - Personal Design Session TourLourdes Borovsky has been a hair stylist since 1993 and began her career in hair replacement in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1999. She was soon promoted as a Technical Trainer due to her knowledge and skill with all types of hair processes including color, highlights, perms, etc. Lourdes is a specialist in the theory and practice of chemical processes for ethnic hair and has been personally trained by Richard Farrell in hair system design, styles, and color and by April of 2007 has successfully designed hundreds of ultra-custom hair systems not only in the North-East and Mid-West United States, but in India and London as well. Lourdes is an expert in client service and is bilingual in both English and Spanish.