After The Medical Diagnosis

Hair Systems for Medical Hair Loss

After The Medical Diagnosis

Farrell Hair Replacement Medical Hair Loss ModelsTime becomes the issue. Producing a hair replacement system is a labor intensive process. The correct hair needs to be chosen, blended for color matching, and hand tied onto a very light, custom fitted base. On a rush basis, Farrell Hair Replacement will need 8-12 weeks in order to reproduce a patient’s exact hair style and all hair tendencies.

It is best if a patient schedules an appointment with Farrell immediately after the diagnosis. Farrell will then have enough time to analyze the patient’s hair style and hair tendencies before the hair loss process begins. In order to exactly reproduce the patient’s hair design, we will consider the patient’s growth patterns, hair tendencies, color, density, texture, and other critical elements that will be incorporated into the patient’s final hair prosthesis. After completion of the hair replacement system, the hairs will truly look as if they are growing right out of the patient’s skin. This bestows a healthy appearance on the patient.

The Process…
A mold will be made of the patient’s head shape. This enables the system to have a perfect, comfortable fit.

The consultant will help the patient with decisions regarding hair color, texture, length, waves, curls, and other critical elements required for an excellent, undetectable prosthesis.

Decisions will be made on the base materials. Some materials are very durable, and some materials disappear on the skin, allowing for an undetectable, natural appearance.

The consultant will take digital images of the patient, which will help our hair system makers accurately produce the hair system.

The consultant will answer all of the patient’s questions about the process.

Hair System Production
The prosthesis will be meticulously produced entirely by Farrell employees in a period of 4-6 weeks.

The Hair System Cut-in
After the system is produced, a Farrell technician will cut in the system on the patient. This will take 2-3 hours. The technician will be using images or pictures as a guide towards reaching the patient’s aesthetic goals.

All patient maintenance procedures will be discussed and described in detail.

A video on cleaning the system will be given to the patient to assist with at home cleaning procedures.

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