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Farrell Hair Replacement Medical Hair Loss ModelsPartial or total hair loss due to a medical condition or a medical treatment can be devastating. Fortunately, Farrell Hair Replacement Medical can solve any hair loss situation by replacing all of a patient’s hair back to its original style with all of the patient’s natural hair tendencies.

Hair loss related to chemotherapy happens rapidly – usually within two to three weeks after the start of treatment. Hair regrowth can occur from 6 months to one year. Full restoration of a patient’s hair may take up to 9 months or longer.

Every hair loss situation can be restored to the patient’s original hair design and look. The most important portion of the hair design is the hairline. In order for a patient to look healthy, the hairline needs to look exactly like the patient’s hair style before the medical-related hair loss situation occurred.

A medical hair prosthesis must be comfortable. The fit must be exact with no shifting. The patient should feel as if it is his/her own growing hair. The bonding -or- attachment techniques need to be performed in such a manner that there are no reactions to the adhesives or solvents. Furthermore, the prosthesis should enable the patient to continue with all aspects of their lifestyle. A Farrell hair prosthesis exceeds all of these criteria plus is undetectable to both sight and touch .Physicians, nurses and other health care providers agree that maintaining a positive self-image after hair loss related to cancer treatment or other medical conditions is a vital component of therapy and recovery. At Farrell Hair Replacement Medical, we know and understand this. Contact us and let us help.

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