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Hair Replacement Medical Hair Loss ClientPartial or complete hair loss can be emotionally devastating to a patient, but there is a solution to this stage in a patient’s medical recovery called non-surgical hair replacement.

Instead of limiting a patient to wearing cheap wigs, scarves and hats which cannot provide a healthy-looking appearance, a Farrell ultra-custom, non-surgical hair replacement system is the only process capable of giving a patient a completely natural, healthy appearance after hair loss.

When a patient experiences hair loss as a result of radiation or chemotherapy treatments, a Farrell Hair Replacement system will replace all of the patient’s hair to the exact density and aesthetic appearance the patient had before the loss of the hair. Patients can sleep, shower and perform all normal daily activities as if the system is their own growing hair. Farrell Hair Replacement - All patients are serviced discretely with confidentialityReplacing the patient’s hair after hair loss is important because it has been proven that a patient who achieves and maintains a healthy image during the recovery process will benefit tremendously from it. They will be confident about their appearance enough to continue with their normal, healthy lifestyle.

All Farrell hair replacement systems are produced entirely by Farrell employees who incorporate many labor intensive elements into each hair system in order to reach a client’s esthetic goals. The result is a hair system that can be called “works of art” and truly solves the hair loss situation.

Farrell Hair Replacement is the leader in non-surgical hair replacement and has been voted #1 in the World in undetectability and quality for the last 9 consecutive years. Our mission is to replace all of the natural elements and tendencies of the patient’s own natural growing hair. This goal requires that Farrell have a team of artisans who are experienced hair system builders, trained and supervised by Richard Farrell, the founder of Farrell Hair Replacement.

Farrell Hair Replacement is a full-service hair replacement center with on-site services capable of maintaining a patient’s hair system. Other hair replacement companies simply order hair systems from overseas factories but Farrell trains and employs hair system makers and technicians who can meet a patient’s esthetic hair system needs.

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