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Farrell Hair – Mens Frequently Asked Questions

Mens Hair Replacement ModelsFarrell Hair Replacement understands the unique needs of Men suffering from hair Loss and we have conquered the challenge of all hair loss situations. Browse through some of our Frequently Asked Questions from other male hair loss sufferers or take the time to ask your own.

Mens Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is it necessary to shave my head in order to wear a hair system?

A: It is usually best if the hair system sits on a shaved surface in order for the base materials to disappear on your skin and also for a perfect fit and comfort. The area that the hair system is designed for usually already has thin density due to hair loss so shaving in that area is not a big loss and besides no one will see that area without hair since you will be wearing your system.

Q: I want to have some transplants. Will wearing a hair system hurt my transplants?

A: Many clients use a hair system while their transplanting is being performed. If the density of the transplants in the front is thick enough, a system can be placed behind them.

Q: How often am I going to need to have my hair color refreshed?

A: The frequency of hair color refreshing depends on the color of the hair. Black will rarely fade. A light ash blonde color might need refreshing two to three times a year.

Q: What about hair breakage? How often will those hairs need to be added back to the system?

A: Hair breaks easily. Some clients purchase a system and will only need an hour of hair addition a year. Some clients are rough on their systems and will need an hour of hair addition every other month. The longer the hair is in length the more readily it will break. Learning the correct techniques and using the proper brush will reduce hair loss on your system.

Q: Are attachment methods expensive? Is this an extra charge?

A: You can have any hair replacement salon attach your system monthly or you can perform this service yourself. About half of our clients prefer to attach their own systems. These services are an extra charge and performed as needed.

Q: What if I am out of town and need hair products? Are there special shampoo’s or conditioners you would recommend?

A: Farrell hair products are formulated especially for Farrell Hair systems. The best systems in the world deserve the best products. You can also use high quality products from a professional product line like Redken instead of having us mailing merchandise to you. It is important that b shampoos are not used on your system. You can use any fixatives and styling aids to create your styles.

Q: I live far away from your salon locations. You say that I can go anywhere to have my monthly hair trims. When I am wearing a system is their anything special that the stylist trimming my system must know?

A: If your system is simply covering the top of your head your stylist simply pins it up out of the way while giving you your trims. Integration units are cut like a normal head of hair is cut. If your stylist and you decide to shorten the length of your system, some designs require that they don’t cut any blunt lines in to the perimeter of the hair system. It is best if the cut that area with thinning shears.

Q: Which types of hair systems are more versatile, hair systems that go on a shaved head or hair integration systems?

A: The type of base used determines the versatility of a system. A mesh type system on a shaved area is omni-directional and very versatile. Integration systems are less versatile because hairs are tied on to a grid and most require that you decide on a definite part area.

Q: How long after you design my hair system will I need to wait before I can have my hair system or hair systems?

A: Both systems will be completed in approximately 8 to 12 weeks from the design date.

Q: Do you use human or synthetic hair?

A: We design systems with human hair that exactly match your hair texture.

Q: If I live far from your locations, is it necessary for me to travel to your salon in order to have a system designed?

A: It is normally necessary for you to make two trips to our Los Angeles or New York salons. One for the design and one for the cut-in. However, now that I am On Tour, you can meet me or a staff member in a city near you.

Q: If I order a hair system from you while you are On Tour how will I arrange for my trims and system maintenance?

A: You can go to any salon in order to get your monthly haircuts. We are set up to do system maintenance through the mail.

Q: Do I really need two hair systems?

A: It’s my opinion that all of my customers should have two systems. This insures that you will always have one to wear while the other might need to be repaired, have a hair addition, color treatment or new front. But I still make single systems available for those who prefer to have their system serviced in the salon.

Q: How is it possible for me to do my own attachments?

A: Having two hair systems makes it convenient for you to do your own attachments. When it’s time to do your own attachment you simply remove your system, clean your scalp and attach the other. How you clean and remove your system depends on the attachment method we decide on.

Q: What is the life span of your hair systems?

A: Most of my systems will last 3-5 four years each depending on the client’s styling and maintenance techniques. Having two systems will give you 4-8 years of hair. That’s 2-3 times as long as systems of other companies.

Q: It is important to me that no one will feel my hair system during intimate moments. Is this possible?

A: For you I would design an ultra-minimal system. They are extremely thin systems that are almost impossible to feel. Their life span is half that of my more durable systems. They will last 3-5 years for the pair of systems.

Q: What if the hair system is not perfect when I come to you to have it cut-in and styled?

A: My on-premises repair people are able to fine-tune a system as necessary in order to get a perfect undetectable look. That’s what ultra custom hair replacement is all about.

Q: How long will the Lace area last?

A: Since lace is the most fragile part of the system, it will need to be replaced every 9 months to a year. Some of my clients get more life from their fronts and you will too as you perfect certain techniques. Some of my systems do not incorporate lace.

Q: I see bad hairpieces on the streets. Are yours any better?

A: My systems are nothing like the mass produced rugs that other companies offer. That is why we are considered to be the best in the world by most Internet Hair loss sites.

Q: What type of attachment methods do you use?

A: We have different types of Tape Attachments, Perimeter Attaching Liquids & Gels, and all-over the scalp adhesives. Of course, we can also perform every other attachment method but these make the most sense when wearing a Lace Front System.

Q: How long does my system stay on my head?

A: We prefer that clients switch units periodically. In fact every two weeks is best. In this manner the system is always looking clean and natural.

Q: How does the unit last 3-5 years if it is human hair? Won’t the hair deteriorate/fade/develop split ends?

A: There won’t be split ends. Color corrections will need to be done occasionally but it’s a very easy process. Hair is a very durable medium.

Q: Will I be able to schedule an appointment with Richard Farrell?

A: Yes. Richard will be dividing his time equally among the centers so there will be no problem meeting with him.

Q: Do you use hair that has the cuticle layer removed?

A: We use a process that is called EuroSilk. It is a method of melting the cuticle layer instead of trying to remove them. This improves the hair condition and enables me to use super fine hair without destroying the hair. Other companies process by decuticlizing or removing the cuticle. If you remove the cuticle layer, there is very little left of the hair shaft. The hair becomes porous and only moves well when it’s wet. It will also tangle because the hair shaft isn’t slick like it should be.

Q: Do you ever use natural hair with the cuticle layer intact?

A: We can use cuticle hair but we need to cut the return of each knot and that can leave a bristle like feel at the scalp. This technique doesn’t work near the front of the hairline or the part area because the knot return won’t allow for a scalp-like appearance. Eurosilked hair should always be used in the front and part areas and in general is usually better than cuticle hair except in long hair situations.

Q: Will your hair systems tangle?

A: No. Your hair won’t tangle. Ever.

Q: Why does hair color fade?

A: Color fading will results from washing your hair and the bleaching action of the Sun. Periodically, your hair color will need to be refreshed since the hair isn’t growing and replacing itself.

Q: How are you able to replace the hair in my receding temple area?

A: We can replace the hair in your temple areas because our materials disappear on your skin so we can replace hair anywhere.

Q: Is there any other way to wear a hair system without shaving?

A: In most cases it is necessary to shave the areas that need more hair but in some cases I make what are called Hair Integration Systems which saves every hair on your head however if you want total undetectability I suggest you shave. Remember no one is ever going to see you without your system because you live in it.

Q: Do you make Vacuum or Suction type hair systems?

A: No, I don’t make those types of units. I believe in using the lightest weight types of meshes to use as bases. The Suction units are on the hot side and the scalp does not have a chance to breathe. Mine breathe because they are all meshes. With a mesh base we can tie in the amount of hair that needs to be replaced and in between the hairs your scalp shows through. There is no base material. That is why my bases are totally comfortable. The mesh is so thin it almost completely disappears on the skin. Suction units eventually crack and lose their holding power, but the worst thing is that you can not achieve a natural looking hairline so you would have to hide the hairline with some type of bangs on your forehead.

Q: Will your hair systems look like my own hair?

A: The most important thing to remember is that I make hair systems that look like your own hair and it looks like it is growing right out of your skin.

Q: I live not so much of an active lifestyle but I do own a convertible. Would that be a problem with one of your hair systems?

A: Not at all! Let your hair blow in the wind. Live in it!

Q: Do you have clients who will let me see them wearing their hair system?

A: Yes. We have clients who you can look at and also we have examples for you to actually wear.

Q: Would a mesh system be attached just at the perimeter? If so, how is the top kept from coming up off the top of the scalp if it is not attached?

A: The mesh can be attached only on the perimeter. If we are talking about the Minimals, they sit in a very thin layer of resin gel, which can be put only on the perimeter or on the entire hair loss area. Either way works.

Q: Do you make any skin-based units with lace fronts?

A: No. Skin bases are injected or looped through the polyurethane. They lose hair at a very fast rate and they don’t breathe. Farrell’s extremely thin meshes are much better.

Mens Frequently Asked Questions