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Frequently Asked Questions for Children

Childrens Hair Replacement ModelsFarrell Hair Replacement understands the needs of hair replacement clients who are children and we have conquered the challenge of all hair loss situations. Browse through some of our Frequently Asked Questions about hair loss and hair replacement for children or take the time to ask your own.

Children's Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Farrell Hair Replacement provide hair replacement services to children suffering from hair loss?

A: Yes. Farrell Hair Replacement provides the same ultra-custom hair replacement products and services to children as we provide to adults.

Q: How young can a child be and wear a hair system?

A: Even though we can make hair systems for a child of any age, we feel that at 6-years-old a child is able to cope with a hair system. However, the child will certainly require assistance with the cleaning and maintaining of the hair systems.

Q: Will our insurance coverage reimburse us for the cost of our child’s hair systems?

A: Some insurance companies will pay for a child’s first hair system. Others will give an allowance towards a child’s wig or hair system. You will need to check with your insurance provider.

Q: Will a child be able to be active while wearing a hair system?

A: Children can be as active wearing hair systems as children are active without wearing hair systems.

Q: How is a very young child able to handle attaching lace hair systems with adhesives?

A: We make special hair systems for very young children. These hair systems have minimal amounts of lace.

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