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Testimonial From Gloria GrahamEventually every client asks how Farrell Hair Replacement was able to impress Howard Stern enough for him to endorse our hair systems on his show; especially considering how much he had made fun of ‘hair pieces’ in the past. It was easy. He had never seen ‘Ultra Custom’ hair systems before.

Though we value Howard’s endorsement, it’s really the testimonies of our clients that matter most to us. Less than 5% of our total clientele are celebrities. 95% of our clients are people just like you – individuals suffering from hair loss as well as all the peripheral problems that accompany hair loss.

We’re always gratified when we receive testimonials from our clients that share with us the other side of hair loss: The success of Ultra Custom hair replacement. We hope you enjoy reading these testimonials as much as we do.

From: Gloria G.
To: Richard & Laura

It is with enthusiasm and awe that I write this letter of gratitude for my hair systems. My self esteem has increased 99.9%.

To God be the glory!

From: Shawna B.
To: Richard

I didn’t believe it was possible, but I like my new hair systems more than the first ones. I regret that I so strongly resisted the full cap system to deal with my spotted Alopecia.

I know you understand how important it is as an African woman for me to be able to wear the styles that are attractive and chick today. These FNT full caps make much more sense and are easier to manage than the partials. I wish I could tell the world about Farrell. You really have given me my hair back and my life back.

From: Sowande R.
To: Richard

Richard, thank you for agreeing at the last minute to cut in my hair systems on Saturday. I know you’re a busy guy and I appreciate it. I mean to make good on our bet and spring for lunch at Acapulco because the cornrows are perfect and the length is still long enough to do the braiding. I’m attaching some photos from our gig last night that Selena shot so you can see your handiwork. Like you said on Saturday, you are into your hair and you understand how important hair is. As a Black dude and an entertainer on top of it, it is vital that I am able to achieve these looks.

With Farrell I can.

From: Dan W.
To: Mr. Farrell

Thank you for delivering me from the nightmare of these chain companies. I have been to three of the big companies and two smaller companies in Chicago before learning about Farrell. Having worn hair now for 11 years, I have become a bit of an expert on the subject and I can tell you for sure that only Farrell seems capable of replacing African hair. I believe that the other companies think African hair is easy to do so they just throw on the kinky black hair because they don’t understand the hair at all. At 46 years old, I should not have the density of an 18 year old man. The recession areas are wonderful and the density is dead on right and the touch of grey hairs on the temples made the final difference. I suppose that is what makes you a true artist, Mr. Farrell. It took me 11 years and many thousands of dollars to get it right, but the wait has been worth it. I feel great about how I look.

I hope to be a Farrell client for many years to come!

From: Anita J.
To: Farrell Hair Replacement


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Laura for all your kind help. Your staff is wonderful.

I called Farrell after watching your infomercial and hearing the testimony of the beautiful black woman Silvia and how she discovered her Traction Alopecia under all of her hair. That was my story too. I was afraid of wearing “hair systems” but even more afraid of how I would be treated by hair salon professionals being a balding Black woman. From the quality of your hair systems to your friendly and compassionate approach to your clients, you really have exceeded my expectations, even after watching your infomercial. Though I doubt I’ll ever feel comfortable enough to be in one of your commercials and telling my story, I am happy to write to you and share my feelings about your work.