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Q: I have Alopecia to the extent that my front hairline has receded back about 5 inches from my face. Normally I wear wigs to compensate. Is it possible for Farrell to replace those hairs around my face?

A: Wigs do not work in the hairline area. Replacing your hairs around your hairline is our specialty. The hairs will look as if they are growing out from your scalp and you will not need to wear wigs anymore.

Q: My stylist usually perms my natural hair and then she attaches wefts to braids. I like the style but my hair gets thinner each time I have this done. I believe I have lost most of my hair. What are my options with Farrell?

A: We need to see you in person in order to give you an accurate assessment but we have a few options for you. If your hair is as thin as you say but you have a hairline, you might be able to wear a system that sits behind your hairline. If your hairline is too thin to use, we will replace those hairs with a system that incorporates a lace front hairline. In some cases a hair integration system will allow us to use whatever hair you have left to integrate with your system. In more cases than not, it is best to shave your hair and wear a Farrell system that will replace your hair back to its original density.

Q: I have never liked my natural nappy hair. I have spent fortunes trying to make it look straight with a wave. Over the years my beautician gets the same results each time. I have patches of Alopecia on the top and sides of my head. Can you make a hair system on the top of my head that will match those hairs that she straightened and permed?

A: We can match the results that your stylist gets when she chemically treats your hair. It is best that we design your hair systems after you have had your servicing with your beautician. Then we are able to see the results we need to match.

Q: I wear a hair system from another company. I wash my hair once a week and my skin is very oily. I take Aerobics and Pilates classes on a daily basis and I am worried that your system will not stay on my head. Is my fear justified?

A: We have an attachment method for every situation. You will probably need to shampoo more frequently and clean the lace front adhesive more frequently. We will teach you the necessary techniques and your systems will be secure.

Q: I am an African male who likes to wear braid designs. I have male pattern baldness on half of my scalp. I want a system that matches my braids. Can you do this?

A: You might need to change the style of braids you are wearing. Dreads, mini dreads and all types of stand up braids work best. On the scalp, flat braids need to be put in by an expert who does not use extreme tension when he/she holds the hair or the adhesive may not hold the edge of the system to the scalp and the system’s edge may be visible if extreme tension is used. If you are willing to experiment with different designs you will have the best chance at success. A full cap system can have any type of braid design without worrying about the scenario I mentioned.

Q: I am an African woman and am currently suffering from Tension Alopecia. My whole front hairline is balding toward my ears. I would like to know if you can customize my hairline where I may be able to part it and also so I won’t have to wear a whole hair piece all over my head.

A: Farrell makes smaller hair systems that will resolve your hair loss situation.

Q: I have dark skin and the adhesives I have used in the past are shiny tapes or glue that dries to a white color and shows through the lace. Which adhesive is recommended for attaching the lace front to dark skin?

A: Farrell’s ‘Blue’ adhesive works fine on any color skin, but don’t use thick coats of any adhesive.

Q: Can I order a hair system in the color of 1-B, meaning off black in African hair texture? Can I use a curling iron on the hair?

A: Yes, we make many hair systems for African clients of many different colors/shades/tints. And you can style your hair system in any manner, including with a curling iron.

Q: I am a 40 year old African female who has experienced hair loss over the years from relaxing my hair. What I want to know is: Can I add density and length that is combined with my own natural hair, that is undetectable to the touch and can I swim with it? Since my hair does need relaxing, how will this affect the process?

A: Hair integration hair systems will integrate with your own hair in order to give you the length and density you desire but they are detectable to the touch. You would simply relax your hair as much as necessary during periods when your hair system is removed.

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