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Afro Caribbean Hair Replacement ModelsWhy would an African man or woman choose Farrell Hair Replacement over the other companies?

Because Farrell understands the unique hair replacement needs of African clients and we have conquered the challenge of all hair loss situations.

African men and women have been braiding and weaving their hair into beautiful designs for centuries but the result of constant stress placed on hair follicles is a form of hair loss called you may have heard about, it’s called Traction Alopecia. We see this situation on many of our African female clients who are experiencing permanent hair loss at the front hairline and/or the side areas of the head in front of the ears. The pressure of the braids and weaves pull on the hair follicles over and over until the hair follicle simply stops growing hair.

Wearing Farrell systems is much more economical than constant braiding and weaving and we can design a hair system for every type of hair loss situation. Many hair loss situations can be solved with a Farrell Hair Integration System. Some situations require full systems. A Farrell designer can design system for your particular situation.

No matter where the hair loss area is located we are able to replace the hair in that particular area.

African Hair Loss Types

Let us run you through some types of hair systems that we have designed specifically for African hair loss situations.

1.) Front Hairline Hair Systems
The front areas of the hairline are, of course, the most difficult areas to replace. We tie hairs on to very thin base materials that disappear on the skin. Then we match your hair color and density. The result is a realistic, natural looking hairline.

If your hairline has receded back and only the hairline needs replacing, these systems can replace the hair in front of your existing hair at the hairline. The front replacement system will blend in perfectly with your own growing hair.

2.) Side Area Hair Systems
These areas of the head represent special challenges to us when designing ultra-custom systems. They are exposed for all to see. We strive to make our systems with the exact density necessary in order for our systems to look like the client’s own growing hair and we make systems that blend perfectly with the client’s own growing hair. Again, these systems replace the hair in front of your existing hair at the hairline.

3.) Top and Crown Hair Systems
Braids and weaves can sometimes cause hair loss in small areas of the scalp. We can replace hair on small areas of the scalp in the top and crown areas of the head. Our systems will match the exact texture of your hair.

You can achieve braided hair designs with your Farrell systems. In between each braid you will see a scalp like appearance and you won’t be able to tell which hair is from the system and which is your own growing hair. Not every company is capable of styling African hair but if you want distinctive final look, no one can match the award winning designs that come from our talented Hawa, our African hair specialist.

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