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Farrell’s Ultra Custom hair replacement systems have been voted Best in the World for 9 consecutive years. Two years ago, Richard Farrell put his title on the line when he issued the Farrell Challenge to rest of the industry. Even with all of the hair replacement companies out there claiming that they can do what Farrell does, not one company was up to the challenge. Nobody can compete with Farrell in the arena of producing perfectly natural and undetectable hair replacement systems.

You have seen our client photos and you have read our client testimonials. Let’s just face the facts: hair transplant surgery and drugs cannot restore your hair like Farrell can. We at Farrell recently developed a new type of hair replacement system that is making people walk out of our salons extremely happy. It is called the ‘Minimal’ hair system. It is weightless and virtually undetectable to both sight and touch and you can achieve any style or look that you wish. Farrell hair system will last 2-3 times longer than those obtained from other companies.

Farrell Hair Replacement offers our clients several Ultra-Custom hair replacement system options:

Farrell “All Fine Lace” Hair System

The “All Fine Lace” is the most undectable hair system that Farrell Hair Replacement produces.

Farrell "All Fine Lace" Hair SystemThe “All Fine Lace” has these characteristics:

  • a very thin polyester lace base
  • were designed to be set in to a liquid adhesive
  • are virtually undetectable to the touch
  • are fragile and made solely for esthetics
  • perfect for thin density hair designs
  • excellent breathability

Farrell “Minimal” Hair System

The “Minimal” is for those who want undetectability to both sight and touch. This is our most fragile hair replacement system. The fragility of this hair system should be taken into account, but if you are interested primarily in esthetics and undetectability, the Minimal is the way to go.

Farrell "Minimal" Hair SystemThe “Minimal” has these characteristics:

  • a very thin nylon mesh base.
  • can be attached with attachment tapes but they are designed to be set into a liquid adhesive
  • are virtually undetectable to the touch
  • work best with our Farrell Lace front
  • resists “wash through” of hairs to the underside of the hair system
  • excellent breathability

Farrell New Technology “FNT” Hair System

The “FNT” (Farrell New Technology) hair system has proved to be our most versatile hair replacement system. It is best for those who want the longevity of a durable hair system. The base materials are thin and show a great, scalp-like appearance. The FNT gives you durability and visual undetectability.

Farrell New Technology "FNT" Hair SystemThe “FNT” has these characteristics:

  • a very thin polyurethane edge for less detectability to the touch
  • a very thin nylon mesh base with other base options are available
  • utilizes the Farrell fine lace front
  • is the best hair system for holding long hair and for Full Cap type systems
  • is suitable for all types of attachment methods
  • resists “wash through” of hairs to the underside of the hair system
  • is an easy hair system to clean

Farrell “Skins” Hair Systems

The Skins are made with a very thin polyurethane base material. They are considered to be throw-away hair systems and they work best for clients on yearly programs. They also work great for those who maintain their systems at home. Unlike skin systems other companies offer, these systems have Farrell lace and knotting technologies.

Farrell "Skins" Hair SystemsThe “Skins” have these characteristics:

  • are easy to clean
  • no wash-through of hairs to the underside of the system
  • Farrell Lace fronts and knotting
  • a very thin base that is difficult to detect by touch
  • easy to place and attach
  • designed for both total scalp bonds and perimeter bonds

Farrell “Short Cut” Hair System

Today’s hair styles require hair systems that effortlessly blend into the client’s own hair – especially when cutting hair short. The “Short Cut” hair replacement system has all of the elements necessary to allow you to wear today’s very short and stylish hair styles.

Farrell "Short Cut" Hair SystemThe “Short Cut” has these characteristics:

  • is designed for hair replacement systems that will be cut very short
  • is designed to be attached with liquid adhesives
  • resists “wash through” of hairs to the underside of the hair system
  • work best with a Farrell front
  • great breathability
  • is virtually undetectable to the touch

Hair Integration Hair System

Some of our clients are not willing to shave their sparse areas in order to wear a hair replacement system. Even though we feel that this is not the best approach to hair systems, we will do all we can to accommodate them. Farrell Hair Integration hair systems utilize our entire arsenal of base materials. There are some potential negatives to wearing this type of system which need to be explained prior to ordering a Hair Integration System. These hair systems have limitations according to each unique hair loss situation.

Hair Integration Hair SystemThe “Hair Integration System” has these characteristics:

  • is designed to replace hair without shaving the scalp
  • can be made with or without a lace front
  • many part/break areas and sideburn options
  • requires monthly attachment services
  • works best when attached behind a hairline that has good density
  • is detectable to the touch
  • works best with thick density hair designs
  • great breath-ability

Farrell Full Cap Hair System

Some clients need their hair replacement on their entire scalp area. Our Full Cap hair replacement system is the only hair system capable of performing this task.

Farrell Full Cap Hair SystemThe “Farrell Full Cap Hair System” has these characteristics:

  • replace hair on the entire head
  • also replace the sideburn areas
  • has several base options
  • has a life span of 3-5 years
  • has great breath-ability
  • is suitable for all types of attachment methods
  • is easy to place at attachment time
  • good undetectability to the touch