System Maintenance

Farrell Hair Replacement Hair Systems


Creating hair systems that will achieve your high esthetic goals is a challenging task. The very effort involves many design and material elements that must be perfect in order for us to achieve those artistic goals. Creating your hair systems requires cooperation from you, the client. In other words, you and Farrell Hair Replacement work together towards producing and maintaining a perfect hair system. The hair systems we produce for you might be perfect on cut in day or they might need some fine-tuning or alterations in order to make them perfect. This is normal and part of the process. Before beginning your partnership with Farrell, you must know and expect the following:

Hair breaks, comes untied and falls out of the hair system

Try breaking a strand of your own growing hair and see for yourself how fragile hair is. The longer the hair is, the more readily hair breaks and comes untied. Curly hair breaks and tangles more that straight hair. Since hair is tied to the mesh base of the hair system, knots can come untied which, again, results in hair loss. The more a person sleeps, showers, swims and blow dries the hair system, the more hair loss will occur in the hair system. The degree of hair loss varies with the activities of each individual client. Hair loss is normal and hairs can be replaced during maintenance visits.

The more gentle and careful a client is with his/her hair system, the longer the hair system will last.

Hair color on a hair system will fade

All human hair fades from water and the sun. Darker hairs have more pigment and therefore fade less. Hair color is easily refreshed as needed during maintenance visits.

Lace materials on a hair system will wear out

Farrell lace fronts are fragile because the material needs to come close to disappearing on the client’s skin. Lace materials last for an average of 9 to 12 months before needing to be replaced. Some clients can make their lace fronts last for a couple of years. If a client concentrates on using gentle techniques, the lace fronts can last a very long time.