Global VIP Design Service

Global VIP Hair System Design Service

Many VIPs simply cannot travel to our hair replacement salons or Tour Cities. If this is the case …

Farrell Global VIP Design Service Team will come to

If a touch of extra privacy, combined with exceptional personal attention by Richard Farrell himself sounds like a great idea, then Farrell’s Global VIP Design Service may be just the solution for you.

We at Farrell Hair Replacement strive to meet the needs of all hair loss sufferers. This is especially true for those who live abroad, away from the convenience of Farrell salons and Design Session Tour Cities.

With Farrell’s Global VIP Design Service, VIPs pay all travel expenses and service charges so that Richard Farrell can bring Farrell to you.

Farrell’s VIP Design Service is available Globally with services available anywhere in the world. Though this program is less than a year old, Farrell’s Global VIP Design Service already serves VIP clients in Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Turkey, Burma, Dubai, Morocco, Finland and Denmark.

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