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Becoming a Farrell Client

Farrell Hair Replacement - Become a Farrell ClientBefore becoming a client of Farrell Hair Replacement, please take the time to read this important information.

From the outset, it is best that you know and understand the information and concepts outlined below so that you may better understand the processes and expectations of becoming a Farrell client:

Wearing a Farrell hair system is a partnership between you and Farrell Hair Replacement

So that Farrell Hair Replacement can best achieve your esthetic goals, you and Farrell Hair Replacement form a partnership. It is a relationship in which we work together in order to achieve the undetectability which is the trademark of our ultra-custom systems. Once we finish producing your systems, we might think we hit perfection right from the start. However, when you come in to get your new systems cut in, you might request that changes be made in some fashion or another. We, too, might want to change things that need to be changed. You have to expect this. Most of the time, the systems and cut ins are perfect right from the beginning. If it becomes necessary to make some changes to your systems, this doesn’t mean we’ve made mistakes. It means that we both might see that other design decisions might look better. This is what “ultra-custom” hair restoration is all about! Our regular clients understand that Farrell achieves undetectablity through stages of fine tuning. They understand that the process of getting a perfect pair of systems is an artistic endeavor. New clients are not always aware of how we attain our amazing results. In the end, we always meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

Like all good things in life, some things take longer than expected

We can only estimate how long it might take to perform a service, fine tune a system or even produce your systems. Please allow us some flexibility and time to give you a perfect, natural and undetectable look. Because we perfectly match your hair type, it might be more difficult for us to accumulate the right hair and enough of it to make your systems. Sometimes we’ve had rush orders for client’s suffering through chemotherapy who must go in front of your order since we are racing against their rate of fallout as their chemicals make their hair fall out. Making systems that are undetectable and natural relies on many elements working together and hopefully falling into place together. When a client schedules an appointment for servicing, we schedule what we guess is an appropriate amount of time to accommodate all of his/her needs. However when we see the system and see that more time is needed to fix a situation, we try to correct things at that moment rather than to have the client looking less than perfect. If on a particular day, our salon is busy with many of these situations, you might find that your one hour appointment is now two or three hours or more! Most of the time, things run fairly smoothly but this can occur and we ask that you please plan for some extra time at all times to limit frustration. This is the main reason we furnish you with two identical systems instead of one. You should always be able to walk out of the salon wearing one of your systems while we work on the other. The payoff is that we are trying to achieve perfection and when we do, you benefit!

Your hair replacement systems will experience hair loss

We strive to make our systems look like your own growing hair. This means that we make the systems to match your own hair’s exact density. If your density is light or light/medium or even medium density, a little hair loss can be fairly noticeable to you. Just remember that a little hair addition put it all back to where it should be. Again, most clients understand this but some people don’t realize how easily human hair can break. In the interests of achieving perfect results we use human hair instead of synthetic. Right from the start you need to understand that your systems will lose some hair. Hair loss on hair replacement systems is not a FHR problem. It’s simply due to the fact that all hair can break or come untied from the base. If for any reason that you might experience more hair loss than we decide is normal, we fix it free of charge. Remember that you will have two systems, so you will simply wear one system while we replace the hairs on the other.

Your hair replacement systems will lose their color

Your systems are made with human hair. Again, color fading is not a Farrell Hair Replacement problem. All human hair will fade. Jet black hair has a lot of pigment and will hardly ever need color refreshing, but the lighter tones of brown and blonde have very little pigment and fade frequently. Again, this is another reason we supply you with two identical systems. We will color correct your systems in ways that will not damage the hairs and we will offer you advice as to what you can do to reduce the frequency of color fading. The color of our knots is a critical element in our systems. When the tone of the knots change, a color correction is necessary.

Farrell Hair Free 1-on-1 Private ConsultationMost of the time your hair replacement systems can be fine-tuned through the mail

95% of the time a client can send in their systems to us through the mail and we usually make them happy by improving the system. This goes for non-Farrell Hair Replacement systems. We accomplish this by relying on client photos, directions and hair samples. However there is that 5% of the time where a situation might best be corrected with the client actually being in our chair so we can examine how our fine-tuning actually looks on the client. Having both systems side by side improves the chance of them being identical. This is why we have highly trained staff to staff our Farrell Hair Replacement salons to make servicing easy. Even though coming into our salons and centers are best, mailing your system in is a very convenient way of servicing. It’s not perfect. It has some flaws and more opportunities for not truly hitting our goals, but hitting them 95% of the time is pretty good odds!

When it comes to hair replacement systems, the adhesives are the weakest link

Whether we like it or not, adhesives must be used to attach our systems. They work okay and eventually each client learns how to clean and attach his or her own systems. We will assist you in learning the process. Hair replacement systems become easy to master in a short time. At first it might seem difficult. Most clients have no problems with any of the steps and others might need a little extra guidance. In the end, however, everyone masters the techniques. If you require help in the beginning, we are here to answer your questions and there are many forums on the web that are there to assist you with advice.

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