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If you are losing your hair, now is your chance to meet with Hollywood hair replacement expert Richard Farrell. His ultra custom hair systems are known to be the best in the world because of their ability to stand up to the high resolution of HD cameras without being detected. This is why television and films stars come to Farrell when they want to look their best. In fact, chances are you have probably seen Farrell’s work in a movie you have watched and not even known it. They are that good.

Now you can see what everybody’s raving about by meeting Richard himself in a one on one design session. In this private consultation, he will evaluate your current and long term hair replacement goals and actually show you what you could look like with a full head of hair again.

You will be amazed to discover you can easily look ten years younger as Richard shows you how his award winning technique will look on you.

From Bald to Bold


Check out this recent client. He came to Richard after trying several mail order companies and always got busted. Now he can be confident in knowing that his hair looks totally natural.

Look at our Signature Hairline

End your hair loss for good and not only get your hair back, but get your life back!

With over 30,000 happy clients from Hollywood to Australia, Richard has perfected the art of hair replacement. Unlike one size fits all hair clubs and internet mail order companies that force you in to expensive contracts or want you to purchase a new system every few months, Farrell systems are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and last for years. Richard designs each system himself so you are sure to get that “Hollywood” look that he gives his celebrity clients. The best part is it is much more affordable than going to those other companies.

With a Farrell hair system, you can do all of the things you enjoy doing like swimming, working out, being intimate, skydiving and countless other things while feeling confident you have the best and only true way of getting all of your hair back.

If you are ready to learn more, meet with Richard and let him change your life like he has done for countless others.